Advanced Content Management Engine

What is ACME?

ACME is an open-source cross-platform content management framework (CMF) which is written in PERL and makes use of MySQL.

Target audience: web developers; advanced users. And, of course, users of any kind as readers, etc.

So... how is ACME different? See the section features.

You can also visit the ACME Project Page at SourceForge

P.S.: This Acme has no relation to that Acme from CPAN. :)


The primary features (or aims) planned for the release are:

Development Roadmap

The roadmap is a rough development plan. All provided dates are no more than guidelines, except for the past releases.

milestonerelease datesummary
2002-06-23project started
0.1aAscore2002-08-30new features, bug fixes
0.12002-09-18new features, bug fixes
0.22002-12-21new features, bug fixes
0.32003-03-06new features, bug fixes
0.4Firmhand2003-07-201st stable version
0.4.1Firmhand II2004-02-11new features, bug fixes
0.5Nexus2004-03-281st complete rewrite
0.6Unicorn2004-08-19stable version based on new arch; 1st OS-independent version
0.7aSphinx2005-07-232nd complete rewrite
0.7a22005-09-102nd complete rewrite: DB redesign; renewed API
0.7Spark2006-01-172nd complete rewrite: DBAL and respective basic components
0.8Eyeglowmid-2006more flexible and lightweight implementation of actions; complete data and privs management; polished API
0.9WitheQ3 2006more core features; cleanups and bugfixes
0.10Q4 2006view comments; view revisions
0.11late 2006optimization
1.0 RC1Q1 2007i18n; bugfixes; artwork
1.0ExertbirdQ2 20071st major release
1.5Starkearly 20082nd major release. Features: maybe ajax; some logic moved to stored procedures; PgSQL compatibility; [name it]
2.0?we'll see =)     Probably the code will be restructured to better meet the MVC principles; some key architectural points are likely to be revised in order to make the whole system more flexible.

Legend: past release last stable version under development


Sources will be available after we reach the 1.0 release. Sorry for inconvenience.

NOTE: those who join the project as co-developers, of course get access to the Acme sources before the release.


Andy Mikhailenko

project maintainer

Conception, programming, design (since 2002)

Contact him via e-mail or ICQ#70678677

Danny Shtan'

Beta-testing (since 2002)
Co-developer of theoretical footing (since 2005)

Yuri Ketov

Ideas; beta-testing; design of a theme (since 2003)

Sergei Martynov

[ going to be a co-developer in the nearest future ] (since 2006)

Darkatox Community

Intensive testing of the 0.4.x branch, mostly forums (2002..2003); testing of the 0.5..0.6+ branch (2004)


We need contributors (Perl, MySQL/PgSQL, XHTML, CSS) and beta-testers.
Join the project! E-mail Andy to get current sources, discuss plans, etc.